Sometimes we want to avoid mass markets. We want to get what we really want, really need, and like. Truly unique products are rarely available at the usual retail store.

Today, we are all a part of global markets. Even your regular family shopping at your local store last weekend was connected to a web of global businesses which makes our life easier without any doubt, but did you ever ask yourself, if maybe you are missing out on something. Also, maybe you want to see more than the ordinary selection of items on a regular retail store shelf. Global industry players push us to follow their goals and their targets. People are forced to follow mass production trends, all of us are involved in competition between market players fighting for clients.

At GOLPERA, we are breaking global market borders, and walls to allow people to find and purchase unique, high quality, handmade products for a reasonable price without industry markups and insane corporate margins. All products that you may find at GOLPERA are handmade, and are directly promoted by the artists and masters, who made them.

At GOLPERA, you can find unique products straight from the masters and artisans, no matter where the masters and artisans may live. These masters produce the unique products, one at a time. Our direct acquisition model bypasses the countless middlemen and provides wholesale prices to our customers, while compensating the artists more fairly.

A truly unique feature is that all items promoted at GOLPERA are handmade of stone or contain stone. Stone is a remarkable material because of its nature, beauty and meaning. The GOLPERA marketplace lists a variety of stone products from talented artisans and masters around the globe.