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  • Materials: gemstone
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Unique HANDMADE stylish “AURORA” SET - NECKLACE & Earrings– Wire Sculpture, with golden mother-of-pearl, natural pearls, Gold stone, TIger eye and Peridot gems, wire wrap and all components gold plated and silver sterling accessories - made by hand, especially for you, or for make an elegant gift - comes in a beautiful organza gift bag -and is available at order, in 3-5 days.    .. DIMENSIONS - Earrings - 3 cm/ 1,5 “; NECKLACE - (Circumference) 45 cm/ 17.7 “. ..Please note: you can find in our shop or order, matching ring / bracelet, so You can wear a beautiful Complete JEWELRY SET, created Especially for You !   ...The beauty and Power of Crystals have been long recognized and have been used for their unique and special properties. They are not only enjoyed for their beauty but also for their healing and spiritual power. PERIDOT - This stunning green gem has been used in jewellery and by spiritual leaders for centuries. Peridot is a very spiritually connected stone, and helps bring clarity and balance to those who wear it. It is also very useful for attracting positive things, including wealth and money. Peridot improves your well-being and your spiritual and emotional health. This crystal resonates with your Heart Chakra.It is a stone of :* Prosperity and happiness;* Stone of financial success. Is lucky charm of Libra. Recommended for Sign: Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces. TIGER EYE - Known as a stone of protection. Used as a talisman since antiquity against bad luck, evil eye and curses. Attracts good luck, prosperity and abundance. Brown with yellow, gold and red tones and great shine and beauty. Encourages trust our abilities and talents, stimulates the creative energy, enhances our personal power, encourages passion and positive attitude to life. Attracts wealth and simultaneously prevents us from abuse and greed. Hold the stone in the moonlight of a full moon and ask the moon to bless the Eye of the Tiger and you bring money into your life. Is the talisman of business women. GOLDSTONE - This beautiful glittery gem is full of energy and deeply protective. It helps shield from negative energy and helps you focus your energies so you can reach your goals. It helps you stay calm and balances your emotion. It is a strong stone of healing, including distance healing. It also helps manifest fortune and luck. SUN STONE It has strong protective, powerful stimulant for the mind, body and soul. Bring good luck, love, abundance; Good for prayer, meditation. It activates the crown and solar plexus chakras, bringing spiritual strength, fortitude, luck, power, self-control. .... This is a stunning, feminine jewel that works well for all occasions, styles, and ages, and will be a piece of jewelry that can be wear each and everyday! ... A great gift idea, or even a special treat for yourself. Whether you are shopping for an Anniversary or Birthday Gift, for Christmas or Mother Day gift, for Valentine’s Day or Wedding Gift, our jewelry are just what you are looking for. ...IF YOU LIKE our handwork PLEASE FOLLOW us on Facebook, click the heart of the item you like, or PIN it , Click FAVORITE our Shop,and TWEET IT for your friends.  Thank you for visiting our shop and Happy Shopping! ♥
Unique HANDMADE stylish “AURORA” SET - NECKLACE & Earrings– Wire Sculpture