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  • Materials: stone black_Jade
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Details Eye necklace / pendant Superman stone Black Jade Stone Black Jade or Jade Black is one type of the many variants of jade in the region of Aceh, Gayo precisely in the village. Black Jade in Aceh widely known as Jade Lumut, because the texture it exactly like moss. This stone began to rise after the news spread can cure various diseases. Aceh itself is very well known for its various types of Jade. Besides Jade, Aceh is also known to produce various types of rock Idocrase very remarkable. If you visit there, you might see different types of agate sold there. On this occasion, we will divulge to you the characteristics of this type of Black Jade Stone Aceh. Characteristics of Black Jade Stone Aceh There was a little misunderstanding among lovers of black jade stone, which they believed if the Black Jade did not stick to the magnet. This is because most types of Black Jade does not have an iron content (Fe) are dominant. However, if we flew slightly to Korea, then you will find the Black Jade sticky with magnets. Then what kind of traits of Black jade Aceh? : Black Jade Aceh consists of 2 types of Crystals and Non-Crystals, Where acehnese of black jade crystal is translucent. Whereas non-crystals are completely opaque. Has a deep black color. Black Jade Aceh has the characteristics of the black layer but will megeluarkan green color when disenter or by light. For this type of Non-Crystalline, you will be difficult to get the color green, because the stone was covered in some metal content therein.