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  • Materials: agate organza Quartz
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Set. Bracelet and earrings. Delicate flowers in organza combined with agate, quartz, bright beads and metal leaves. Very bright and at the same time gentle lilac collection. The fastener of nickel silver. Flower size 2 cm (0.8 inch) Bracelet length 18 + 2cm All jewelry is sent in a gift box. Agate Agate is considered a mineral that can harmonize their surroundings, making its owner and nice and eloquent, as well as protecting it from negative influences from the outside (energy attacks and so-called psychological vampirism), taking on negative energy. Quartz Almost all kinds of quartz will save its owner from disturbing thoughts, anxiety and depressive states and also neutralize negative energy. The powerful force of a talisman with quartz in a silver frame, which attracts good luck and material well-being, and serves a talisman of love. Jewellery with this unique mineral helps a person to develop memory, imagination, speech, activating brain processes