This shop is dedicated to the pursuit of Precious Stones. The aim is to find the best quality gemstones to offer our customers that will meet their budget. These are all Natural Earth Mined Stones. No Man Made or Synthetic stones. No synthetic combination of of chips compressed and sold as Earth Mined.

All theses stones are Solid and Authentic and can be tested for Authenticity. The origin of the stones are listed if we are sure exactly where they are from If we are not sure the Origin is not Listed. We have Opals from Australia and Ethiopia(Lightning Ridge Cober Pedy, Andamooka Matrix Opals. Emeralds from Brazil, Columbia (Muzo Mines) Zambia, Afghanistan Rough and Cut and Faceted) Sapphires from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) Australia. The collection is Varied. So if you are a jeweler or Crafter have a look we may have something to interest you. Our products are not rejects and we take special care to be sure that our stones are not internally damaged. Where treatment is indicated we disclose this because sometimes a heat treated stone may not be suitable for the type of work you will be doing on your piece. We try to purchase stones that are not fissure filled or beryllium treated because our aim is to have genuinely mined stones. This is not to say that we do not have some old stock that have been so treated, but where this is the case we tell you. Our stones are affordable and good Quality and all are suitable for making Jewelry. So if you want to purchase a good quality stone at a realistic price you can afford and be proud to set in your jewelry piece and sell on This is your first stop. We do not claim to have the absolute best stones on the market if we did we would be in a different market place. But we are the best in the area we sell in we are one of the best. We will not sell you rubbish. We are a good source of quality stones. Soon we will be introducing our selection of Jewelry. They are not Hand Made But they are Hand Set stones. If you would like to have your Engagement Ring Made by us we can do this for you. We can arrange for a consultation via skype:Roumel Rattigae:::roumel85From there we can show you our Collection of stones and you can choose from a list of rings that we have available to us or you can provide your own design or we can have it Handmade for you. You can choose one or more of our stones to have us make for you His and Hers Jewelry. For more details please email

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